The Research Ethics Committee (REC) Sligo University Hospital (SUH)

Role: The REC Sligo is charged with the responsibility of independently reviewing research studies to be conducted in the Sligo University Hospital catchment area.

Chairperson REC: Dr. Miriam O’Sullivan

Administration REC: Research & Education Foundation –

Procedure for applying for ethical approval:

  • All submissions should be mailed or emailed to the REC administration
  • For a submission to be discussed at a meeting it must be submitted before the deadline stated on the website
  • Late submissions will be forward to next meeting
  • All submissions must include:
    • REC application form (e-copy– see template under ‘Research Ethics Forms’, signed signature page scanned)
    • Study Protocol (e-copy)
    • Principal Investigator CV (e-copy)
  • All questions on the application form must be completed.

Where applicable the PI must also submit:

  • Consent form (e-copy – see template under ‘Research Ethics Forms’)
  • Participant Information sheet (e-copy – see template under ‘Research Ethics Forms’)
  • Advertisement for participants (e-copy)
  • GP/Consultant information letter (e-copy)
  • Interview schedule (e-copy)
  • Letter of invitation to research subjects (e-copy)
  • Questionnaire (e-copy)
  • Letter of confirmation of insurance (e-copy)
  • Application fee of €600 for industry sponsored studies that fall outside the remit of SIigo (reduced fee of €150 if study has already been approved by another recognised REC)

Applications that are not accepted by the REC:

  • The research requiring ethical approval must not commence before approval is granted
  • The committee will not review studies that have already commenced or have been completed.
  • The committee will not review or grant approval retrospectively
  • The REC does not review Clinical Trials that fall under the European Communities (Clinical Trials on Medicinal Products for Human Use) Regulations 2004
  • Queries in relation to the new Health Research Regulations are to be directed to the Health Research Board (HRB)
  • Queries in relation to Health Research Consent Declarations may be directed to the REC
  • Please direct all GDPR queries directly to the relevant Data Protection Officer / Agency