About Us

The Research & Education Foundation

The Research and Education Foundation (REF) at Sligo University Hospital (SUH), a registered charity, was set up in 1991 to support training, education and research in health care in SUH and its catchment area. The Board of the Foundation consists of representatives interested in expanding research locally and across Ireland. Members include hospital staff and representatives of IT Sligo, the local community, industry and academics form across Ireland. Their efforts are entirely voluntary and are committed to supporting:

  • Inter-disciplinary education, training and research that will benefit society on a local, regional, national and international scale.
  • Multi-disciplinary excellence across the medical sciences; the mathematical, physical and life sciences; the social sciences and the humanities.

The Foundation works closely with SUH; where SUH is primarily involved in the provision of health care services and service delivery activities, the Foundation provides a vehicle for research governance and supporting education and training. Marked by enthusiastic determination, the Foundation at SUH, has been on a unique journey since its very establishment. The benefits of the symbiotic relationship of SUH and the Foundation to date are:

  • Innovating, developing and sustaining improved service quality and delivery
  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified staff
  • The provision of a vehicle for attracting funding
  • Supporting and sustaining CPD
  • Supporting and fostering high quality research and education
  • Enhancing the reputation of the hospital within the community
  • Providing alternatives and flexibility in relation to service provision