Strategic Goals

The REF strategic plan 2019-2023 sets out a number of strategic pillars and Goals:
Collaboration & Alliances
Key Goal: To develop and maintain strategic consolidation and collaborative relationships with selected regional, national and international partners in the academic, healthcare, health science and community sectors
Key Goal: To promote an inclusive, modern, multidisciplinary learning and research environment; to promote health and well-being in healthcare personnel and the community; to facilitate and empower high quality collaborative research and innovation
Sustainable Funding
Key Goal: To achieve sustainable, secure sources of funding for the REF to achieve its objectives in an independent and ethical manner
Profile Enhancement
Key Goal: To enhance the profile of the REF nationally, and within the Saolta group; thereby enhancing the profile of Sligo University Hospital
Governance & Accountability
Key Goal: To undertake and to implement the Governance Code, a voluntary code of practice for Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland; to set and achieve our goals, provide evidence of performance, increase transparency, avoid bad risks and reduce costs
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