Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) at Sligo University Hospital (SUH) is charged with the responsibility of independent review research studies conducted in the Sligo University Hospital catchment area. The REC does not review Clinical Trials that fall under the European Communities (Clinical Trials on Medicinal Products for Human Use) Regulations 2004.

Committee Chairman:

Dr. John Williams
Sligo University Hospital
071 91 71111 ext 4636


Mette Jensen Kavanagh

ETC Building
Sligo University Hospital
071 91 71111 ext 4204

email: mette.jensen at

NB: Please make contact with the REC administrator (preferably by email) before forwarding your study in hard copy. All submissions must include:

  • REC application form (1 signed original in hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Study Protocol (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Principal Investigator CV (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)

Where applicable the PI must also submit:

  • Application fee of €600 for industry sponsored studies that fall outside the remit of SI190 (reduced fee of €150 for studies that have already been approved by another recognised REC)
  • Consent form (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Subject information sheet (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Advertisement for subjects (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • GP/Consultant information letter (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Interview schedule (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Letter of invitation to research subjects (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Questionnaire (1 hard copy & 1 e-copy)
  • Letter of Medical Indemnity (1 hard copy)
  • Letter of confirmation of insurance (1 hard copy)

Note: All questions on the application form must be addressed. Incomplete forms will be deemed invalid and will not be reviewed by the REC.Submissions to the REC must arrive with the administrator three weeks prior to a REC meeting. All submissions/correspondence must be directed to the REC Administrator.Click to download Application Forms: